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Buyer Review – 36 Coventry Dr. Rome GA
January 2019
“Marka did a spectacular job as our realtor as we purchased a lot. She worked with us to find lots that met our objectives and took time to show us the best prospects. When we decided on a choice, her market research saved us a substantial percentage and helped us make our initial offer at an amount that brought the sale price down to what we originally planned to offer. Even before the contract was in place, she helped me find contractors to clear the lot so that I would know what all the costs would be before we could start to build. Her knowledge of contractors was invaluable. The day before the sale, the seller had not met the preconditions, and while this was not a huge issue, she stood her ground and held the seller and their realtor to the terms of the contract, letting them know that the sale proceeds would be put in escrow if they did not uphold the conditions of the sale. This was a small sale, and she could have put a lot less into her efforts, but she did not. She worked as hard for us this time as she had on a previous purchase when my son worked with her. Marka was there for us every stop, saved us money, and I knew throughout that she was looking out for me. I look forward to working with her when we sell our next house!”

36 Coventry Dr SE, Rome, GA 30161
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