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Angelina N – Buyer Client
October 2017
Those who know me well know that i have always been a person that have very high expectation in business professionalism. There can never be too “professional” for me in any business settings. Rarely, i can be even 90 percent satisfied in a customer service area, i will not say i am difficult, but i am very demanding in how professional things supposed to work . However, Mrs Palmer has surprised me in all. I will say she is the most professional person in her career and among all kinds of business i have ever dealt with since i move to US. Not only she has extensive knowledge in what she is doing, she is also an honest, caring and loving person. She always puts GOD first and does everything to honor his name. Words can not express my appreciation for her and we are so thankful that we had her as our realtor and now a dear friend as well. If you are looking for a house or any related real estate business , please give her a call, and you will never regret that you choose to contact her. I have never write anything like this before in my life. But i do want to thank you Marka and let people know how good you are , and that’s the least i can do to thank you and show our respect for you. 
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